Sunday, 27 September 2009

Google Doodles

When I got out of bed this morning I had no intention of starting a blog.

But then I wondered why Google was suddenly being spelt 'Googlle' and somebody told me it's because it's Google's 11th birthday. In fact it says 'Goog11e'.

I remembered that I'd once been given a link to Google Doodles and, wanting to update myself with the doodles there had been, I searched (one is not allowed to say 'googled', is one?) for it and found instead, this.

Now, I'm a retired teacher and I applaud the fact of children being encouraged to get involved with something that is so much part of all our lives nowadays. Some healthy competition. A chance to show off their creativity and talent. Great.


I searched for some opportunity to give feedback on this fact - not a 'Contact us' link to be found. Of course not, why should there be? In a completely blinkered, tunnel-visioned sort of way, they don't realise - or perhaps they don't want to be reminded - that there are talented children ALL OVER THE WORLD, and that those children would love to get involved too.

Let me make it clear that I have nothing against the USA, nor any other nation for that matter. All countries could improve many things they do - or often, worse, things they don't do. This is not intended to knock America. Really not to knock Google....there are many better reasons for doing that. But Google, we, the world population, are all your customers. We, the world population, are all blessed with a pool of talented and enthusiastic children. Please stop focusing on only one country and ignoring the fact that you share the planet with many, many other nations.

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  1. What's the matter, feeling left out Ros? "Let me be clear, you have nothing against the USA?" That is the last thing you are is "Clear!" Hey, I'm the 1st to admit that Americans are spoiled, arrogant, flag waving, know-it-all's. The last thing we are is humble, and after this last year of that crazy dog & pony show of a presidential campaign and the continuing nightmare of Trump's new political reality show, "Presidential Apprentice", frankly, I'm embarrassed and terrified of what this county has elected to be the so-called leader of the free world! A shallow, thin skinned man w/ no idea of what he has gotten himself into. This country is going to crash & burn because people found rudeness, childish, unstable behavior appealing and are mistaking it for strength. It is ignorance. But, that's us, stupid Americans! Not like you English...polite, friendly, to the point. At least that is what I hear of most of your people. But, I think you are an exception. Who knows where your coming from! You can't just simply answer an honest question, lot's of high & mighty BS. Apparently offends easily and can't even stand up for an explanation. But, gotta throw in any little tid-bit of a correction in a post. (Those were male rabbits fighting! THEY COULD'VE BEEN EITHER SEX, DON'T BS ME! BOTH SEXES BATTLE IT OUT, YOU KNOW IT, BUT, HAD TO REPLY TO THAT! UNLESS YOU HAVE TOTAL PROOF, DON'T CORRECT MY POSTS! YOU DON'T KNOW ALL THAT MUCH MY DEAR! UNTIL YOU HAVE THE GUTS TO EXPLAIN YOURSELF, NO REPLIES FROM YOU! GET OVER THE USA LEAVING U OUT OF AN EVENT, I'M SURE TRUMP WILL BE OVER THERE MESSING THINGS UP FOR YOU GUYS TOO SOON ENOUGH!!! You can go back to posting funny animal pics on FB. I really don't see you doing anything major out in the field for this so-called RWAF or whatever it is! I know. "I hutch is not enough!" (Hope the buns are well.)